Kevin Cox - Toledo Consulting

Kevin Cox has been the Managing Director of Toledo Consulting since 2003. He is a Navy Veteran and former Fortune 500 Sales and Marketing Executive. Kevin is also a Professional Continuity Practitioner. He adapts well and is a great addition to any project.  Toledo Consulting/Contracting, LLC is approved through the SAM system for award management for the Federal Government and is designated a Veteran Owned Small Business. Please feel free to reach out to Kevin at 419.509.6707 or

If any of the following situations currently apply to your company, you should take steps to look into staff augmentation:

  • To successfully pursue a new project, you need to add certain specialized skills or resources that your in-house IT team lacks.

  • You have periodic or seasonal needs for additional assistance, but don’t necessarily require the added help year-round.

  • There’s a shortage in the local IT talent market from which you can hire full-time employees.

  • You need additional IT help right now, but you don’t have the time or money to spend on recruitment, hiring, and onboarding new employees.

  • You want to expand your IT team to focus on a new market or a larger portion of your existing one, but you aren’t sure it will become a permanent expansion.

  • You’d like to continue managing your IT team, maintaining control over software development projects, and closely monitoring progress along the way, while also adding outside help.

Business Process Mapping

Toledo Consulting uses a consultative approach to analyze and work with your business to define and document business processes. Remove unnecessary and costly steps in your production and operations to achieve efficiency. We create graphical representations to break down complex workflows into digestible information.

Network Diagrams

Properly documenting physical and logical network architecture is important through all life cycle phases. Toledo Consulting completes network implementation, red-line update, and existing infrastructure diagrams. Make procurement, troubleshooting, and end-of-life process easier with proper documentation.


Telecommunications Consulting &
SLA Negotiation

In a rapid changing technology environment, businesses require commitments from their technology service providers. Often, a business will take off-the-shelf Service Level Agreements from their providers because they lack the experience or resources to negotiate a better offering. Toledo Consulting engages with clients and service providers to implement technology solutions and agreements that have defined performance metrics and negotiated compensation for lack of performance benchmarks.

Project Management

We manage projects of varying size and complexity for some of the fastest-growing enterprise-level companies in the U.S.  Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, we help you assess, plan, and implement the best solution for your needs. We help your business adapt to technology needs and changing demands.

FEMA- Professional Continuity Practioner - LEVEL 1

We use a consultative approach to develop business continuity of operations plans (COOP) for many scenarios that can impact your business. Cyber attacks, natural disasters, and pandemics to name a few.  We use these plans to consult on policy and operations as well as to develop tabletop and drill scenarios to test the plans.   


Restaurant & Bar Inventory


Profitability has a direct correlation to system controls in the service industry.  Proper inventory and cost analysis are essential in understanding how your business is performing. Toledo Consulting offers solutions that provide management reports to understand how you are operating financially. Let Toledo Consulting work with your staff to implement controls that improve profitability and limit waste.


E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing

Simple website design and e-commerce portal setups for small businesses. Online branding and marketing strategies across all social media platforms.  Pay per click, SEO, and organic growth.


We deliver results for clients.

  • We manage on-site telecommunications projects

  • Service level agreements (SLA's) and architecture design.

  • Multi-site retail systems.

  • Food and liquor costs/inventory. 

  • Business, technology, and continuity policies

  • Non-Profit Management and Board of Director Operations

  • General business project management

  • Small Business Consulting

  • Business Management Consulting

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Safety Plans and reviews.

  • Tabletop Exercises, Drills, and policy creation.

  • Change Management Consultant

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Marketing Management

Toledo Consulting is very adaptable to any business or technology project.