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Case Study: AI-Based Recruiting and HR Tool Implementation by Toledo Consulting

Client Background

An enterprise client, a rapidly growing QSR Quick Service Restaurant company with over 500 employees, was facing significant challenges in managing their recruitment and HR processes. With an increasing volume of applications and the need for efficient candidate management, They sought to streamline their operations and enhance the candidate experience.


The QSR company partnered with Toledo Consulting to implement an AI-based recruiting and HR tool. The primary objectives were:

  • Automate and expedite the application process.

  • Improve candidate experience and engagement.

  • Enhance efficiency in scheduling interviews and managing communications.

  • Streamline offer letter generation and onboarding processes.


Toledo Consulting deployed a comprehensive AI-based recruiting and HR tool that included the following features:

  1. Text to Apply: Enabled candidates to apply for positions via SMS, making the application process accessible and convenient.

  2. Auto Interview Scheduling: Automated the scheduling of interviews based on candidate availability and recruiter calendars.

  3. Offer Letter Generation: Automated the creation and distribution of personalized offer letters.

  4. New Hire Onboarding: Streamlined the onboarding process with digital forms, task management, and automated communications.


  1. Needs Assessment and Planning:

  • Conducted a thorough assessment of Their existing recruitment and HR processes.

  • Identified pain points and areas for improvement.

  • Developed a tailored implementation plan, including timelines, milestones, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Tool Customization and Integration:

  • Customized the AI tool to align with Their branding and specific requirements.

  • Integrated the tool with existing HR systems, such as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

  1. Training and Support:

  • Provided comprehensive training for HR staff and recruiters to ensure smooth adoption.

  • Offered ongoing support and resources, including a dedicated helpdesk and regular updates.

  1. Pilot Phase:

  • Launched a pilot phase to test the tool's functionality and gather feedback.

  • Made necessary adjustments based on pilot results to optimize performance.


  1. Improved Application Process:

  • The Text to Apply feature saw a 40% increase in application submissions.

  • Reduced the application completion time by 60%, enhancing the candidate experience.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency:

  • The Auto Interview Scheduling feature saved recruiters an average of 10 hours per week.

  • 95% of interview slots were filled within 48 hours of posting, reducing time-to-hire by 30%.

  1. Streamlined Offer Letter Generation:

  • Automated offer letter generation reduced errors and ensured consistency.

  • Reduced the time to send out offer letters from 3 days to less than 24 hours.

  1. Effective Onboarding:

  • The New Hire Onboarding process achieved a 98% completion rate for onboarding tasks before the new hire's start date.

  • Improved new hire satisfaction scores by 25% as reported in onboarding surveys.


The implementation of the AI-based recruiting and HR tool by Toledo Consulting significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of The QSR Company recruitment and HR processes. By automating critical tasks and enhancing the candidate experience, The Company was able to reduce time-to-hire, improve the quality of hires, and boost overall HR productivity.

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